The Department of Computer Science as a Department of Excellence 2018-2022

The Department of Computer Science at Sapienza has been selected by the Italian Ministry of Universities and research (MIUR) as a Department of Excellence 2018-2022. After a nation-wide assessment, the Department of Computer Science was awarded full marks, ranking it # 1 in Italy in the area of Mathematics and Computer Science, # 1 among all academic departments of Sapienza University, and placing it in the top 1% of the departments at the national level among all university disciplines.

The project presented by the department, financed by a grant of approximately 7 million euros, focuses on the  development of new disruptive technologies in Machine Learning as well as other fields of theoretic and applied research. The goal is to consolidate the departments position as:

  • a leading national and European center for the foundations of Machine Learning and its applications in various areas of information technology including: medicine, cybersecurity, computer vision, natural language understanding and the internet of things;
  • an international destination for students and young researchers interested in a career in the field of Machine Learning;
  • a promoter of start-up and technology transfer projects by the entire community of the Department, with particular attention and support for students' ideas and initiatives.

This project crowns a series of results of scientific prestige obtained by the members of the Department, including 6 ERC Grants, numerous faculty awards from IBM Research, Yahoo! Research, Google Research, the NSF, and the Sloan Foundation, and the Claude E. Shannon Award in 2014.

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