Seminario Pubblico RTDA PNRR del PE7 Cybersecurity

Il vincitore della procedura RTDA PNRR del PE7 Cybersecurity, terrà il seminario pubblico in modalità telematica.

Date: Lunedì 12 luglio
Time: 09.00
Speaker: Eugenio Nemmi

Titolo: A Game of NFTs: Characterizing NFT Wash Trading in the Ethereum Blockchain

Abstract: The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market in the Ethereum blockchain experienced explosive growth in 2021, with a monthly trade volume reaching $6 billion in January 2022. However, concerns have emerged about possible wash trading, a form of market manipulation in which one party repeatedly trades an NFT to inflate its volume artificially. During the seminar, I will show how to detect this market manipulation and examine the effects of wash trading on the NFT market in Ethereum using multiple approaches. Finally, we will uncover how and how much users profit from these operations.

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