ITMeeting Lunch Seminar - IONized UX

Mercoledì, 31 Ottobre, 2018

IONized UX
Davide Landi, Tiziana Piras, Flavia Feliciangeli and Francesco Stradini
ION Group

The goal of the ITMeeting Lunch Seminars is to show to students the approach to the design and solution of IT related problems by different companies. Thus, the seminar will describe a technological topic and all its implications (no company overview presentation, which have their space twice a year in the main ITMeeting event).

A light lunch will be offered to all participants (pizza or finger-food).

Expected audience are students of the following university programs:

  • Informatica (triennale)
  • Master in Computer Science
  • Master in Data Science
  • Master in Cyber Security

The seminar will be in English.

Don’t forget to register:

Aula 1, via del Castro Laurenziano 7, Roma

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