High speed programmable network devices

Date: Mon 27 Jul 2020
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: http://meet.google.com/xqj-mswe-wbv
Speaker: Salvatore Pontarelli

Title: High speed programmable network devices

Abstract: Ethernet networks deliver unprecedented volumes of increasingly diverse traffic. Network devices not only must process billions of packets per second, but must also provide a wide variety of network services, ranging from low latency services for real time traffic to very high volume data exchange. This talk will describe how to design very high speed programmable network devices able to fulfill the requirements of current generation networks. In particular, the talk will describe two research activities related to: (i) how to move from fixed function network devices to fully programmable architectures achieving the so called "network softwarization"; (ii) how to exploit randomized algorithms to realize wire speed network traffic measurement tasks.

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