Enhancing Human-Machine Interaction through Socially Intelligent Machines

Date: Thu 8 Oct 2020
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: http://meet.google.com/xqj-mswe-wbv
Speaker: Maurizio Mancini

Title: Enhancing Human-Machine Interaction through Socially Intelligent Machines

Abstract: Understanding human beings is the key to build technology that better meets human needs. Today's computers and interactive devices, however, are still lacking the ability to enrol in spontaneous interactions with human users. Leveraging theories from the latest advances in Computer Science (e.g., multimodal signal processing, machine learning) and Social Sciences, my research addresses Socially Intelligent Machines, with a particular focus on Social Signal Processing and Affective Computing. SSP deals with observable behaviors that people display during social interactions. AC aims at developing the machine's ability to respond intelligently to human emotion. In this context, my research effort aims at conceiving machines with the ability to model, recognize and synthesize human subtle communicative behaviors in human-machine interactions. In this seminar, I will present some of my achievements in the fields of Expressive Interfaces and Embodied Conversational Agents, as well as in the emerging field of Computational Commensality. I will also cover applications stemming from my research activity in, e.g., healthcare, learning, personalization, meetings effectiveness.

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