Data and network science to unveil social dynamics

Date: Thursday, Dec 2, 2021
Time: 14:00
Speaker: Matteo Cinelli

Title: Data and network science to unveil social dynamics

Abstract: The advent of social media changed the way we consume content, favoring a disintermediated access to information. This scenario has been matter of critical discussion about its impact on society considering the potential effect that misinformation spreading, opinion polarisation and, more recently, infodemic can have on our daily life.
In this seminar, by analysing large datasets from several social media platforms and employing a wide range of techniques, I will assess the prominence of such phenomena online and discuss some algorithmic and human drivers for their emergence. The results discussed during the seminar could be relevant for raising awareness about the role of digital platforms in shaping the offline world and be supportive for crafting data driven policies.

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