Avviso di seminario

Data Giovedì 8 Giugno ore 09:30 – 10:00
Luogo Google Meet

Prof. Salvatore Pontarelli

Titolo: Programming programmable network devices

Abstract: Ethernet networks deliver unprecedented volumes of increasingly diverse traffic. Network devices not only must process billions of packets per second, but must also provide a wide variety of network services, ranging from low latency services for real-time traffic to very high-volume data exchange. This talk will describe how to design very high-speed programmable network devices to fulfill the requirements of current-generation networks. In particular, the talk will describe two research activities: (i) designing a domain-specific VLIW processor tailored to execute network functionalities and (ii) defining a workflow to translate Linux eBPF network functions to FPGA-based high-speed network processing pipelines.

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