Advances in Computer Vision and Beyond

Date: 9 Novembre 2023, ore 9.00
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Prof. Danilo Avola

TITOLO Advances in Computer Vision and Beyond
ABSTRACT In modern conception, computer vision and artificial intelligence work together to enable devices (e.g., drones, robots) and environments (e.g., buildings, streets) to be smart in order to understand and interpret observed scenes and events in the real world. However, these devices and environments remain tied to the set of their training models, whose established parameters do not allow the achievement of new states of intelligence, such as making autonomous decisions. In addition, another frontier that requires to be torn down is the concept that computer vision and computer vision techniques are only related to image and video acquired by cameras (e.g., RGB, RGB-D, ToF). Actually, in the present days, Wi-Fi systems can be used as cameras to perform a wide range of tasks currently in the domain of computer vision, including person re-identification, action recognition, behavior analysis, and many others; moreover, computer vision techniques can be used to speed up the EEG based research field in applications such as emotion recognition, person identification, motor imagery, and many others.

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