Progetti e attività di Velardi, Paola

INTEROP NoE (2004-2007) is a Network of Excellence supported by the European Commission for a three-year-period.
INTEROP aims to create the conditions of an innovative and competitive research in the domain of Interoperability for Enterprise Applications and Software.

INTEROP is now continuing trough the INTEROP Virtual Laboratory The mission of INTEROP-VLab is to consolidate, develop and durably maintain the new European research community founded by the INTEROP-NoE in its three years and half of intense integrating, joint research and dissemination- activities in the domain of Enterprise Interoperability.

CHAT (MIUR D.M. 593) (2006-2008) - 'Cultural Heritage fruition & e-learning applications of new Advanced (multimodal) Technologies.

LC3 (MIUR 2627/Ric. 2006-2010) Public Laboratory on AI-based methodologies for Cultural Heritage accessibility.

Systems and web applications developed within financed and research projects can be accessed from


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