Man vs Machine, Round III

Man vs Machine, Round III
Saturday, January 19, 2019

The front cover of issue 7587 of Nature, 28 January 2016, titled "At last -- a computer program that can beat a champion Go player". The surprising victory of AlphaGo over Go champion Lee Sedol is a milestone in the development of AI that followed another amazing event, DeepBlue victory over Chess world champion Garry Kasparov a few years earlier. Saturday 19 January, 4PM, Istituto Castelnuovo, Città Universitaria, the third chapter of this saga will take place at Sapienza: Olivaw, a last generation AI developed at the Computer Science Department, will challenge former Othello world champion Michele Borassi. Contrary to its more famous predecessors, which required enormous computational resources, Olivaw has been developed with a very modest computing infrastructure: a laptop and free cloud resources.
The event will take place in the framework of the final of the Italian Go Championship.
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