MUSAS - Underwater Archaeology Museums in a documentary broadcast on BBC News

underwater archaeological find

The MUSAS project - Underwater Archaeology Museums - protection, enhancement and networking of the underwater archaeological heritage (Calabria-Campania-Puglia) first Partnership for Innovation, coordinated by Chiara Petrioli of the Department of Computer Science, is reported in a documentary broadcast on BBC News.

In thirty minutes, the documentary made by Amanda Ruggeri starts from the pilot experience of the Roman ruins in Baia and presents the innovative system that allows real-time monitoring of the environmental parameters of submerged archaeological sites and provides visitors, through underwater tablets, with contextualised information based on their position. Musas through an underwater IoT system supports processes of preservation and enhancement of our underwater archaeological heritage.

The research is financed by the National Operational Programme “Culture and Development” 2014-20 of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. It envisages the implementation of an integrated enhancement programme by adopting innovative technological solutions that will network underwater archaeological areas and museums that preserve underwater finds. The related activities will also define good practices to promote underwater archaeology knowledge and both real and virtual subaerial and underwater visiting routes, promote underwater archaeological tourism by expanding the sensory experiences and monitor and protect underwater archaeological sites.

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